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The Future of Water Heaters- What is it?
Tired of running out of Hot Water? Tankless Water Heaters, also known as Continuous Flow Water Heaters, are the wave of the future. They never run out of hot water, they save space, and they save energy. Sound too good to be true?
tankless water heater benefits
The number one reason cited for choosing a Tankless Water Heater is endless hot water. Can't fill up that sauna tub? Tired of running out of hot water after the last person just showered?

Tankless Water Heaters are a fraction of the size of traditional water heaters and can even be moved outdoors. Need some extra space?

Heating water accounts for 15% of total residential energy usage. With high efficiencies of 80-85%, Tankless Water Heaters can reduce water-heating costs up to 50%.
How Does It Work?
Conventional water heaters heat water 24 hours a day for those brief moments when you need hot water. That is sort of like boiling running the coffee pot all day for that cup of coffee you will drink tomorrow morning. Doesn't make a lot of sense, does it? By comparison, Tankless Water Heaters heat the water instantantly with powerful yet efficient burners as the water passes through the pipes, so it only uses energy when hot water is demanded. And since it heats the water as it passes through, you can even fill a bath tub without running out of hot water.
tankless water heaters - how they work
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